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Developmental Disability Employment Success Stories: Dawn

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Self-Employed With a Developmental Disability in Kamloops

SMART Options is very proud of the work we do to encourage prospective employers to provide developmental disability employment to deserving and fantastic people with disabilities in the Kamloops area. And we have many developmental disability employment success stories to share.

Meet Dawn!

Dawn has been successfully self-employed with a developmental disability in Kamloops for over 20 years.

Throughout that time, SMART Options Supported Employment has helped her obtain various office- and house-cleaning jobs around the city. She’s an extremely hard worker and brightens the day of everyone she comes across!

Most recently, Dawn has been working as a self-employed house cleaner for Remi.

Remi found out about SMART Options supported recruitment services in Kamloops when she saw a flyer at the BC Community Living Services office. As someone who believes that the employment of differently-abled individuals should be encouraged, she thought this would be a wonderful hiring solution for her house cleaning needs.

In the end, she made the right decision! SMART Options was able to pair her with Dawn, and it’s been the perfect match.

“As I expected, Dawn is hardworking, loyal, honest, and always wants the customer to be happy,” said Remi. “She loves what she does and it shows. I am very happy with the quality of her work.”

While Remi did have some initial concerns about how invested her new employee would be in her work (a reasonable concern for any employer hiring any new employee), her worries were quickly put to rest. In fact, Remi said that Dawn is practically one of the family now, and plans to continue employing Dawn for as long as she wishes to continue working for her.

“I would encourage anyone to speak with SMART Options with their particular needs. If they have a person—trust them! You won’t regret it,” said Remi.

Dawn smiles and cleans a fireplace with a duster as part of her developmental disability employment program with SMART Options in Kamloops.

Remi’s parents were business owners in several different ventures. It’s from these experiences, and lessons from her parents, that Remi learned that the qualities that make a good employee cannot be demanded, but are innate in the individual—especially when they find work they like and are good at.

“She is so conscientious and honest, and she takes feedback very well. I am always impressed by her joy and how much she loves people and her job. How can you ask for more in a service-related employee?” shared Remi.

And it’s true that Dawn loves people and the work she does!

“When other people are happy, it makes me feel good,” said Dawn. “Having a job is awesome. People are happy that I do a good job, and it makes me happy to see how clean I make it and that people appreciate what I do.”

“I take a lot of pride in my work and I love the fact that it is clean and fresh and safer and keeps people healthier,” added Dawn. “I am very honoured, and it humbles me how much people appreciate me for my work.”

On top of that, the money that Dawn makes helps her save and be able to afford what she needs to live a happy life. She takes pride in being self-employed and has a great appreciation for the fact that she is able to earn fair pay for fair work.

At SMART Options, we’re all about creating these win-win employment connections! Our supported employment and recruitment services in Kamloops are completely free for employers and include matching you with the right employee as well as assisting with onboarding, training, scheduling, development, and more when you decide to provide someone with developmental disability employment.

Interested in learning more about how SMART Options can help you with your hiring needs in Kamloops? Let’s get in touch and work on finding you the perfect new employee!


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