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Testimonials from Kamloops Employers and Job Seekers

SMART Options is so grateful to work with so many amazing people and businesses right here in Kamloops! From Kamloops employers striving to make their workplaces more inclusive, to employees working hard to succeed amazingly at their jobs. 


Together, we can make a difference!

Here are some testimonials and kind words from both employees and Kamloops employers who we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


I am impressed with the passion shown towards their work. Persons with disabilities can contribute positively to the workforce at Costco.

-   Barb Wilson, Professional Demonstrator Manager                                                  


Acres Enterprises LTD.

The team at SMART Options is helpful, supportive and person-centred. Employing someone with diverse abilities has been fantastic. NF is dedicated, fits Acres core values and is great for the company culture.

- Hayley Dean, HR Manager

Cutting Edge Consulting

Working with SMART Options has been a wonderful experience. They are supportive and knowledgeable. Hiring someone with diverse abilities has been very successful for us, his funny jokes and hard work add to our positive work environment.

-Tara Harvey, HR Manager


NorthAm Brewery

The workers have a lot of good output, they get lots done and that helps us get our product out quicker. They are reliable and always here on time and ready to go. Everyone is happy and having fun.

- Leanne Weddell, Plant Supervisor

NRB Modular Solutions

I would encourage any employer to consider teaming up with SMART Options to hire inclusively, I can see the rest of my team has stepped up to work with and help this individual. It has really increased teamwork and morale.


- Stuart Jameson, Hiring Manager

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