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SMART Options

Supported Employment in Kamloops

Helping employers in Kamloops build diverse and inclusive workplaces with supported employment and recruitment services. SMART Options connects Kamloops employers with people who have developmental disabilities to create mutually beneficial and meaningful employment opportunities.


Join us in making Kamloops a better, more inclusive community!

Inclusive Hiring and Recruitment Agency in Kamloops

At SMART Options, we assist both employees and employers in building long-lasting connections that benefit everyone involved. We take the time to understand where our clients will truly thrive, and work with employers to create inclusive hiring opportunities to make their businesses more efficient.


As a supported employment service, we’re here for you! Even after an employment connection is built, SMART Options is always available to support both the employee and employer whenever needed.


Employer Testimonial  

"If other employers where thinking about using SMART Options to hire and recruit some of their staff, I would definitely give them a recommendation". 

-Jordan Kowalczyk, Plant Manager

  NRB Module Solutions 


Here are some of the ways SMART Options can help:

  • Helping employers solve problems with innovative hiring solutions

  • Tapping into a skilled and hardworking talent pool in Kamloops

  • Enhancing workplace culture, morale, image, and efficiency

  • Building inclusive workplaces and communities 

  • Reducing stigma surrounding developmental disabilities

  • Creating a safe space for employees to flourish

  • Improving the quality of life of those with diverse abilities

How Can SMART Options Help You?

We’re here to help by creating employment connections! Whether you’re a person with developmental disabilities looking for a job in Kamloops, or a local business looking for hardworking employees, let’s connect and find a solution that works for everyone. 

Foster An Inclusive Workplace in Kamloops

Interested in fostering an inclusive workplace in Kamloops? When you hire someone with developmental disabilities, you help make both your business and the world a better place! 


By embracing inclusive hiring practices and recruiting a person with developmental disabilities, you’re not only changing someone’s life—you’re also making a smart business decision. From significantly lower turnover rates to improved workplace culture and morale to enhanced corporate image to helping your bottom line, there are countless benefits to hiring a person with diverse abilities.


87% of people said they would prefer to do business with companies that hire people with disabilities.

We’re an experienced recruitment agency for inclusive hiring in Kamloops—with an added benefit for you! SMART Options’ supported employment services are completely free of charge for employers. 


Let us help you tap into an amazing talent pool right here in Kamloops!


Supported Employment Services in Kamloops

Are you a person with developmental disabilities looking for paid work opportunities in Kamloops?


At SMART Options, we encourage self-determination and help job seekers reach personally meaningful employment goals and improve their quality of life. Currently, over 80 of our clients are successfully employed in a variety of different jobs in Kamloops.


Our disability services include getting to know you, your interests, and your abilities; helping you find and apply for a job that fits just right for you; and setting you up with a job coach for continued success!


Learn more about how SMART Options can help you find and keep a paid job.

About Smart Options Supported Employment Service

SMART Options is a government-funded, supported employment program in Kamloops. We have been contracting with Community Living British Columbia for over 20 years and working closely with employers in the Kamloops area to create innovative job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Through our contract with the Ministry for Children and Family Development, we also run a pre-employment training program for youth, aged 15 to 18, and support them in finding meaningful employment.  


Have questions about SMART Options supported employment services, or ready to start making meaningful employment connections? Please contact us and we will be in touch shortly! 

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