do you want a paid job?

SMART Options supports individuals with developmental disabilities to find and keep a paid job.  

The first step: In order to work with you, we must get a referral from CLBC if you are an adult (19+ yrs) or from MCFD if you are a youth (15-18 yrs). If you are already connected to CLBC or MCFD you can contact your worker directly and ask to be referred. If you are not yet connected to these services you can call one of the numbers listed below to get connected.

CLBC: 250-377-4444          MCFD: 250-371-3684

The second step: Once we receive your referral, an employment counsellor will contact you or your guardian and set up an intake interview. During this meeting we will complete some paperwork, and get to know you and your interests.  

What comes next: If you are a youth and want some preemployment training, you can join our Job Club program.  For more information on this program click the link above. 

If you are unsure of your job interests or employment goals, we can spend some time doing discovery. As part of this process, some individuals may benefit from having a PATH done. PATH is a graphic planning process that is used to help individuals develop a big picture plan to achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals. For more information on PATH 

click the link above.

Once we know your employment interests and goals we can start your job search. Our goal is to find a job that matches your skills and abilities and that you enjoy doing. We can help you connect with employers and job opportunities, assist with interview preparation, resume writing, online applications and more!

Once you have a job SMART Options will provide a job coach to help you learn your job duties and provide on the job support. Our goal is that you will  become independent on the job over time. However, we will stay in close contact with you and your employer to provide support when needed to ensure ongoing job success. 

For more information on supported employment click the link below


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