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SMART Options spends the time to discover our job seekers skills, abilities and strengths, as well as, their own personal interests. We also spend time getting to know the needs and wants of the employer. This process allows us to better match the needs of the employer with the skills of the right employee.

Hiring a person with a developmental disability is good for your business, statistically they have lower job turnover and are dedicated employees. Furthermore, it provides a positive corporate image as a socially aware business, provides marketing opportunities, and creates a positive and inclusive work environment! For more information on supported employment click the link below


We want to find businesses or organizations where our clients' skills will benefit the employer and the community at large. 

What we can do for you

SMART Options' staff can provide some services directly to you, including:

  • On the job support and coaching

  • Employee evaluation assistance

  • Payroll administration support

  • Training for other employees on working with people with disabilities

  • Assist with filling scheduling needs ​

There is no charge for the services we provide and hiring through us can save

 you time and money. 

"Real work for real pay"


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